Global Roots on Onda Mundial

Yesterday I went down to the brand new Onda Mundial broadcast studio.

It’s based in the multi purpose venue, Galera.

It always nice when there’s a sofa in a radio studio. There’s something very settling about it The studio is also attached to a record store, Dr Disco.

There’s a fantastic restaurant that do great micheladas and a library area where you can plug into the internet and do whatever it is you need to do.

And then of course there’s the club space… which hosted the Onda Mundial launch party with Marfox, Debit, F5, Quixosis, Tropicaza and La Bruma de Texcoco later that evening.

Out of 19 into the future

So the first Global Roots Radio of 2020.

2020. clear vision, 909 + 303 + 808 and all that.

I found myself on the far west coast of Mexico in between 2 places. Zihuatanejo and its municipality Ixtapa.*

A 7/8 hour road trio from Mexico City, across mountains into jungle and onto the beach.

Respects to Luis Ceron for coming up with such a mad cap idea.

Anyway, after celebrating the coming of a new decade in a place I’d never heard of, never thought I’d find myself but feeling as welcome and comfortable as possible with my closest Anna 🧡🏆 and 2 people one from Canada and another from LA. Stacey and Luis or maybe Lewis. Either way a fantastic time was had, and new friends were made.

So here it was 2020. I’d promised to do a “best of 2019” / “round up show”.

In the end it’s hard to define what was neat. It’s purely opinion. I ended up putting together a selection of music that was made in 2019 (or re-released). In some ways it sums up the seemingly confused mood from the previous decade and the forewarnings of what can come if we don’t stay aware to the truths of history.

Or maybe it’s just some 3 hours of music from 2019 that I like.

Particular throwback highlights off the top of my head are….



And seemingly anything on Discrepant records. Antologica de Musica Atipica Portuguesa, Gonzo, Grupo Sez and Tomas Tello are good places to start.

If you haven’t already, check out Eddie Murphy’s return to Saturday Night Live.

Eddie back to his best. Watch a seasoned pro go.

And Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes needs to be watched again and again.

Some other bits of note

Check out the WWFM shows I did over Christmas. They first forays into Traktor due to lack of available studio space, traveling, Christmas parties and my iTunes library completely crashing.

The last Global Roots Show for 2019. It was going to be a roundup, then aforementioned music library crash happened and somewhat refreshingly there was a wide field of new music to choose from.

WWFM live sessions 2019

International Tribe 2019. Not done on Traktor. 4 fantastic mixes summing up the weekly new music mix series. Produced by Louis Fitton and Jack Miles Carr.

– Gilles Brit Funk mix was a really enjoyable listen across the festive period. Here’s part two… i’m not sure where part one is.

and the public nominations for the worldwide awards are open. It’s a bit different this year and happening on WWFM, due to refurb work at KOKO.

Happy New Year, Feliz Ano.

*Zihua and Ixtapa (pics and stuff coming)

FREETOWN w/ Dauwd (AAITF) & Bakongo (Livity Sound)

Freetown returns to Five Miles with another exploration of underground sounds from around the world.
Resident and Worldwide FM mainstay Global Roots will be joined by UK funky don Roska presenting his new dance groove, Bakongo, along with African Acid Futurist, Dauwd.
Bakongo is a funky slew of bass heavy grooves from none other than Roska. His new monika has seen a release this September on Livity Sound, a record label that has consistently garnered its reputation as a home for intelligent bass driven electronic music. With releases from Bruce, Batu, Hodge, Bakongo is a worthy addition to the roster and leaves him looking at a bright future with some new flows.
Dauwd (African Acid is the Future) burst onto the electronic dance scene with Bradley Zero and the Rhythm Section collective, and has since gone on to enjoy releases on the highly respected Ghostly International, as well as and an album on the distinguished Ninja Tune. He is now one half of African Acid is the Future. The AAITF crew gained attention with their challenging parties in their hometown of Berlin. Journeying from Afro to Techno they have travelled the world, explored, introduced, and intrigued. Their recent activity has included the release of Ogoya Nengo & The Dodo Women, with Stella Chiweshe as well as Ambiance II with Les Filles de Illighadad on their own record label. Check out their rotating show on Worldwide FM.
Global Roots will be hosting the night and fuelling the energies. Known for his work in founding Boiler Room, Thristian aka Global Roots now heads up the music at Worldwide FM with Gilles Peterson. Freetown brings an element of his weekly Friday resident radio show to the dance floor, with experimental sounds from across the international underground.
Taking it back to the basics while journeying into the future, Global Roots invites you to come to Five Miles with an open mind, ready to experience a selection of challenging and diverse dance floor music with vibes, energies and colours to match.

Moscow 2019 w/ The British Council & WWFM

A few weeks ago I went over to Moscow with the rest of the Worldwide FM crew. We teamed up with the British Councils Selector Radio to take part on the UK – Russia Year of Music 2019.


It took place at the multi faceted venue Powerhouse.

Across the weekend, we had an outdoor barbecue and live radio presentation of British and Russian live bands Skinny Pelembe, Riddim Research, Emma Jean Thackery, Elsa Hewitt and a DJ set from Lay Far.

We traversed in the evening and hosted a club night with Gilles Peterson, Private Persons. Tash LC, Raumskaya, Borge and myself.

The following day we hosted a record fair with dealers from across Moscow and then Gilles took part in a Q&A session about the various levels in his life.

In between I managed to catch a quick sight of the Kremlin, Lenin and the Req Square, visited the Modern Art Museum enjoyed a variety of foods that ranged from Georgian dumplings, grilled Tuna, black sea oysters, bbq steak and bread juice.

Take a listen to the summary show I did last week where I played some of the live recordings from the day, we hear from Gilles Peterson and Tash LC as they dig through the record market and we hear a mix from Muscovite DJ Dasha. I also play some of the records i discovered at the fair and for the last part i delve into the new music i discovered.


If you’d like to dig further into our Russian adventure? Head to Worldwide FM, we have guest mixes from Russian DJs and a mix of the records that Gilles Peterson found in Moscow.


png image 2Sam Fawcett on Camera duties



e5d8d6bd-61d5-4cee-b36a-2b215f5a8021Borge, EJT & Sam Fawcetta55f8c19-0e51-41b6-9894-af8abeb06af0d164213c-ef80-4821-8006-10198451b8a49d202d43-ec0a-4931-94a4-9e61fa20750dd6070232-cf02-4264-a296-e830382b584556cea016-2c4d-4fe8-9e30-3b7dae70429bMVIMG_20190616_114923.jpg39388315-74db-4fa0-9e11-a5aa06574ccbf6b61ba7-bf5c-43b3-97f3-01a15d9f02347a6e0736-7989-4d2d-87e0-51762e9bf6033b906d50-136c-4129-bd37-98207db71ccab73334ac-9326-44e4-9252-9b76af7d8e931f04a231-dcbe-4824-a30c-917865620157-1416-00000131625149c0


MVIMG_20190617_094143.jpgb366376b-6d83-429f-bfb5-be773cb63b28The Garage, Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscowcb32aba5-3255-402d-b14e-17e93445d1c639517bfe-a1a0-4e2e-9255-7bdf52cb0371851bc5a3-f896-43ce-a66c-d896e5be92ceboxed art at The Garage73238f88-9682-4d0d-a58e-9c1ef7e8c1c73bc5019c-73f8-4b1e-8178-f5904fdb365c

🌎⚽️ FREETOWN // Friday July 19th

The second instalment of Freetown is upon us.
Exploring underground sounds and culture from across the world at Five Miles and on Worldwide FM.
Following a Sao Paulo special with BadSista, we’ll be bringing FREETOWN back to Five Miles for a celebration of Pan African Unity.

African Cup of Nations Final 🏆

📺 kick off 8pm screened live in the bar.

🇸🇳 Little Baobab serving Senegalese food and drinks during the game

In the club (after the game has finished…)

🇳🇬 Ekiti Sound 🥁 (Crammed Discs) 🎹 LIVE will be performing live in the UK for the first time. Expect UK AFRO Eccentric carnival.
WORLDWIDE FM DJs providing the musical guidance.
Erica Mckoy
Global Roots
Rita Maia


10PM – 4AM
Friday 19th July
39B Markfield Rd, Tottenham, London N15 4QA (closest stations Tottenham Hale, Seven Sisters


tickets available via Resident Advisor
Get involved via the FACEBOOK event

🎥🇨🇴 WATCH – Birds of Passage

After watching “The Favourite” and feeling impressed but underwhelmed I was on the look out for a film that left me with something.

Curzon Home Cinema is of course a reliable source.

I unexpectedly came across Birds of Passage. It’s made by the same people that made Embrace the Serpent – An amazing film that gives us a rarely unique insight int9 the history and culture of indigenous peoples in South America.

Birds of Passage is equally as spectacular visually and morally. Drug trafficking in Colombia is a subject that’s been revisited many a time. Sometimes amazingly, sometimes not so. Birds of Passage introduces a new perspective. It looks at the pressures the drug trade applies generational traditions and tribal loyalties without getting too gruesome. The rural Colombian backdrop provides a strangely unidentifiable setting to emeotions that haven’t been shared on the big screen before.

“From the makers of the Oscar-nominated ‘Embrace of the Serpent’ comes a tale of family, criminality, justice and revenge unlike anything else. Based on a true story and unfolding over the course of two decades, ‘Birds of Passage’ shows how a tribe in the north of Colombia entered the profitable marijuana business, dominating it for years, before competing forces threatened the tribe’s entire existence. Unlike the monochrome beauty of the jungle in ‘Serpent’, Ciro Guerra and Cristina Gallego’s new film is shot in vivid colour and against the backdrop of Colombia’s rich landscape, creating a compelling portrait of a world. Exclusively in cinemas and on Curzon Home Cinema.
★★★★ “A mesmerising and transporting drug epic like no other” – Phil de Semlyen, Time Out
★★★★ “A stunner of a movie” – Laurshka Ivan-zadeh, Metro
★★★★ – Nigel Andrews, Financial Times
★★★★ “Beautiful” – Ed Potton, The Times
★★★★ “Combines magical realism with the epic sweep of The Godfather” – Mark Kermode’s Film of the Week, The Observer”
★★★★ “Really startling and intriguing” – Peter Bradshaw’s Film of the Week, The Guardian

Wilma Vytra on the Space Jungle

Welcome to the Space Jungle – a multi dimensional intergalactic art exhibit produced by myself for Lemonade Money and hosted on the internet via Channel 4’s music portal Four to the Floor.

The first adventure through the astronomic undergrowth leads us to Pyramid Vytra and duo that come from two different musical spenders and geographic locations.

Wilma Archer – from Newcastle in the north of England and previously in the band Vondelpark


Pyramid Vytra – is from the United States and alongside Tyler the creator, Frank Ocean and Earl Sweatshirt he’s a former member of Odd Future.


Their new album is out now on Bad Taste Records, who also put that sick EP FROM Lord Apex.

Hak Baker on WWFM

It was really nice to have Hak Baker in on this weeks Global Roots show in Worldwide FM.

I only came across him recently. He popped in a few places, including the WW Awards after appearing in Joe Arman Jones award winning Maida Vale session.

I had the pleasure of working with him in the current season of Four to the Floor, and had a bit of time to understand where he’s coming from.

As he would say… “a lad” from the Isle of Dogs. I think he would even admit that it’s an odd part of London. However, with his background you’d probably expect a grime Mc, but he’s not. He came to the studio with his guitar and wow’d everyone with his life referential music.

Listen back to the full show here..

If you’re in the UK you can see him feature on Four to the Floor via ALL 4


I’ll be heading down to Gala Festival in Peckham this Sunday 26th May.

It’s my first time at Gala and so I’m not sure what to expect.. these festivals in London Parks always throw up a few surprises.

Worldwide FM will be hosting a stage with live music from Emma Jean Thackeray, Skinny Pelembe and more.

As you can see from the line up below, there’ll be a wide variety of sounds to involve yourself in… and it’s a bank holiday so no excuse but to stretch it out in Peckham Rye Park.

More tickets and info – GALA FESTIVAL 2019

XOYO with Omar Souleyman, Habbi Funk, Bradley Zero& Zakia

This Friday all London musical lanes lead to XOYO.

It’ll be a pleasure to takeover the Green Room this coming Friday for Globe Trotting with Bradley Zero at XOYO.

The worldly varied NTS sector, Zakia will be joining me while Habbi Funk and Omar Souleyman provide a Middle Eastern masterclass in the basement.

Habibi Funk came onto the Global Roots Radio Show on Worldwide FM back in December 2017. Listen back to catch his vibe in advance of Friday.


FREETOWN with BadSista 🇧🇷 at Five Miles, LDN – 23.03.19

The Queen of the Brazilian underground scene is coming to London this month to join me for our first FREETOWN session.

She came onto the Global Roots Radio show back in July, and surprised us all with not only her DJ mix, but her insight into the emerging scenes of São Paulo.

It really is a pleasure to invite her back and have her play her mix of deep, bass drivin, shakin beats.

It’ll only be a Badsista and myself in control across 6 hours on one of London’s best sound systems.

As a part of the series I’ll be sitting down and having a conversation with BadSista about the emergent scenes in São Paulo, and how they relate to Brazilian society and the wider world.


Check out her mix on for The Fader, which got voted as one of the mixes of 2018 by FACT Magazine.

If you’re not in London she’ll be performing on @BoilerRoomTV Berlin 🇩🇪📺 during the week and then she joins our @Dubonespirit friends in Paris 🇫🇷 Friday night for a party with trax magazine…