New Beginnings and Freestyle Flows

First of all, thank you to everyone that’s messaged recently. Some of you noticed that I haven’t been doing any radio for a while. I’ve been on a relative hiatus.

Back in April I left my position at Worldwide FM. As well doing the radio shows I’ve been the Creative Director for the past 2 years and Head of Music previously… since we started the test broadcasts in the Brownswood basement to our first studio “The Pyramid’ and our second trendy spot in London Fields. It’s been a steep and enjoyable learning curve. The amount of people I’ve connected with, worked with and formed lasting relationships with will live with me and forever make me a better person.

I haven’t completely jumped ship, I’m still a founder obviously and will be working with the crew on various projects. In a similar vein to how I’ve been working again with Boiler Room again.

As you may have noticed… there’s a new web style, a new URL. Things are changing, they never stop changing. That’s the joy of it all. At the moment I’m setting up the Record Room. I have some new gadgets and cables that I need to test, it’s a slightly laborious process. Plug in, pray it works and then figure out how much it will cost or how long it will take to find a replacement.

As I go along I’ll be sharing my thoughts not only on here in writing, but through broadcast from the Record Room exploring new formats. Sometimes video, sometimes audio… maybe it’ll be music focused or maybe it’ll be an interview with a painter? Who knows. Let’s see. Maybe we can make some art.

I don’t really wanna stick to an old school routine, but I do wanna catch a flow.

If you do have any thoughts or proposals… please comment or use the communication box. I do read them and reply. As long as it’s not outrageous.

The next session for Tate Lates at The Tate Modern will be announced soon. Stick the date in your diary Friday July 29.

Back soon with some more updates.


2 responses to “New Beginnings and Freestyle Flows”

  1. I’m very excited to hear your news. I really would love to contribute in your new projects, either playing, listening, helping and supporting in anyway I can. I love your vision for life , shredding skin and becoming beautiful and new. I think you need to have some patten to get you in the groove but it doesn’t have to be set in stone . For example I’ve added long play so I can have a chance interaction with the chat room. I have also added , on this day which gives history of music in genres . For what you did previously worked balance of music and interaction. The only main thing I would say is people love for who you are , best of luck and I be supporting in every way x peace


    1. respects Gary. Always super fantastic energies from you. I’ve been putting together some plans, hopefully you’ll lkie them


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