Out of 19 into the future

So the first Global Roots Radio of 2020.

2020. clear vision, 909 + 303 + 808 and all that.

I found myself on the far west coast of Mexico in between 2 places. Zihuatanejo and its municipality Ixtapa.*

A 7/8 hour road trio from Mexico City, across mountains into jungle and onto the beach.

Respects to Luis Ceron for coming up with such a mad cap idea.

Anyway, after celebrating the coming of a new decade in a place I’d never heard of, never thought I’d find myself but feeling as welcome and comfortable as possible with my closest Anna 🧡🏆 and 2 people one from Canada and another from LA. Stacey and Luis or maybe Lewis. Either way a fantastic time was had, and new friends were made.

So here it was 2020. I’d promised to do a “best of 2019” / “round up show”.


In the end it’s hard to define what was neat. It’s purely opinion. I ended up putting together a selection of music that was made in 2019 (or re-released). In some ways it sums up the seemingly confused mood from the previous decade and the forewarnings of what can come if we don’t stay aware to the truths of history.

Or maybe it’s just some 3 hours of music from 2019 that I like.

Particular throwback highlights off the top of my head are….



And seemingly anything on Discrepant records. Antologica de Musica Atipica Portuguesa, Gonzo, Grupo Sez and Tomas Tello are good places to start.

If you haven’t already, check out Eddie Murphy’s return to Saturday Night Live.

Eddie back to his best. Watch a seasoned pro go.

And Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes needs to be watched again and again.

Some other bits of note

Check out the WWFM shows I did over Christmas. They first forays into Traktor due to lack of available studio space, traveling, Christmas parties and my iTunes library completely crashing.

The last Global Roots Show for 2019. It was going to be a roundup, then aforementioned music library crash happened and somewhat refreshingly there was a wide field of new music to choose from.

WWFM live sessions 2019

International Tribe 2019. Not done on Traktor. 4 fantastic mixes summing up the weekly new music mix series. Produced by Louis Fitton and Jack Miles Carr.

– Gilles Brit Funk mix was a really enjoyable listen across the festive period. Here’s part two… i’m not sure where part one is.

and the public nominations for the worldwide awards are open. It’s a bit different this year and happening on WWFM, due to refurb work at KOKO.

Happy New Year, Feliz Ano.

*Zihua and Ixtapa (pics and stuff coming)